New Thatcham Categories

By Teletrac Navman | Press Releases | December 2018

From December 31st 2018, there will be only two Thatcham approved categories

Category S5 for monitorised vehicles
Category S7 for monitorised vehicles/assets
Jaguar Trackstar Land Rover Trackstar BMW Trackstar

Current Thatcham categories 5 and 6 move to one of these new categories

Category 5 Category S5
Category 6 Category S7
All previous Category 5 systems will automatically comply with Category S5.
A Driver ID Tag is mandatory for all systems under Category S5.
Previous Category 6 systems would need to be upgraded to include a Driver ID Tag in order to gain Category S5 status.
All previous Category 6 systems will automatically comply with the new ‘Asset Location Systems’ criteria Category S7.