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Ecall is mandatory on all new models in the European Union

And whilst due to leaving the European Union it isn’t mandatory in the United Kingdom, it is commonplace on almost all new cars, especially ones that are also manufactured or sold in the EEA. 


Teletrac Navman Automotive have been industry leaders in connected vehicle technology for over 30 years, establishing under the name Trafficmaster in 1984 and being the first company in the world to provide traffic data direct. 

Bcall cuts response times and increases succesful repairs

Whilst Bcall is not mandatory in the UK or the EU, as more manufacturers include breakdown cover as a standard perk with the purchase of a new vehicle, Bcall is being offered as a free option on more and more vehicles. 

Bcall, or breakdown call is usually triggered from an app on your phone, the infotainment system or a push of a button, but with our industry leading globalwatch system, any sensor on the vehicle can trigger a bcall, if specified by the manufacturer.


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Global Support


Since we acquired Eurowatch in the 1990s as a way to offer language support to customers across Europe, the system has undergone some major changes. Newly rebranded to Globalwatch™, Teletrac Navman Automotive can provide advanced integrations in to OEM TCU, send and receive commands, offer language support in major languages across the globe and locate cars, people and assets with pinpoint accuracy anywhere on the planet using a combination of exciting new technology. 

Globalwatch is a fundamental tool in our arsenal, positioning us as the foremost safety, secrurity and convenience company on the planet.

With over 20 offices across the world, our ‘Follow the Sun’ concept ensures 100% uptime and one of the most robust disaster mitigation/recovery plans in the industry

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