Over 1,000,000 vehicles and counting

Recovery experts for over 30 years

Teletrac Navman Autmotive have been providing stolen vehicle tracking, both connected and aftermarket since the 1990s. With a current paying customer base of over 250,000 vehicles, since we began offering SVT we have tracked and assured recovery of over 1 million vehicles in the UK and Europe. 

Since 2018 we have seen a 48% increase in vehicle thefts, so more manufacturers than ever are choosing to protect their vehicles with stolen vehicle tracking

Why Teletrac Navman Automotive?


Teletrac Navman Automotive have been providing Stolen Vehicle Services for over 30 years.


Our reputation for robust and quick stolen vehicle recovery means that we are the only brand trusted by Manufacturers like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Ford.

Well funded

Nothing throws a spanner in the works like a trusted partner going into administration. Being part of Vontier Inc, with global revenues of almost $3bn per year means that Teletrac Navman Automotive is secure, well funded and constantly investing in new, improved technology

Dedicated Team

Teletrac Navman Automotive has a team dedicated to connected vehicle contracts, specifically. This in turn means that with your dedicated resource, tasks are completely quickly and on-time and you always have a real, live person at the end of the phone


Our innovative Globalwatch platform allows us to operate in almost all countries in the world. Globalwatch allows for seamless cross-border transfer of theft data, with support for all major European languages

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