Cornerstone Solutions for Connected Vehicles

We offer world-leading services in the security and emergency segment for connected vehicles. We supply solutions for Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Concierge services, Emergency calls (eCall), Road Side Assistance (bCall), traffic and navigation.

We can integrate OEM tracking devices and offer a white-label service.

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Global service reach
25 years providing services to OEMs
Highly efficient NSP model
Strong strategic parterships

Global Reach

We have global reach and provide roll-out according to the needs of our OEM partners.

Our model enables fast deployment into new territories.

Our service presence is on all continents – and should you have any bespoke requirements, Teletrac Navman Automotive will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our Customers

BMW Trackstar MINI Trackstar Jaguar Trackstar Land Rover Trackstar Aston Martin Trackstar Peugeot Trackstar Citroen Trackstar Vauxhall Trackstar Chrysler Trackstar FIAT Trackstar Audi Trackstar Porsche Trackstar Seat Trackstar Skoda Trackstar Volkswagen Trackstar Honda Trackstar Rolls Royce Trackstar

Our Globalwatch Operations

  • 24/7/365 Secure Operations Centres with global coverage for cross-border incidents– providing Monitoring, Incident Response, Active Tracking and Security Advice through our common GlobalWatch platform for international customer management
  • The driver/subscriber can call GlobalWatch in their own language. Our multilingual National Service Provider (NSP) operators facilitate instant liaison with Emergency Services to effect swift local emergency / police response in the part of the world where the incident is happening
  • Transparent process that allows multiple international incidents to be viewed simultaneously by the Driver/Subscriber, Emergency Services, NSPs and GlobalWatch

Strong strategic partnerships

Teletrac Navman Automotive has combined forces with other world-leading service providers to offer OEMs a wider range of xCall services via a single supplier contract.

With truly global reach, our combined offer is unmatched by any other single supplier whether in Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT), eCall, bCall or Concierge.

Our services

Our services can be provided on a modular basis – our customer can choose any single service, or any combination as required.
Services can be added later to meet a changing requirement.

Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking SystemStolen Vehicle Tracking

We are experts in the provision of Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) services.

  • 250,000 connected / tracked vehicles – including Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), BMW, Citroen and Aston Martin
  • Highly experienced and highly trained emergency desk operators
  • Our Globalwatch platform provides global tracking coverage for automotive OEMs and end-users
  • Approved aftermarket supplier for JLR, BMW and Autosleepers
  • Excellent relationships with law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies ensure a rapid response
  • World-leading recovery rates due to our experience and trusted service
  • Thatcham approved with complete OEM white-label service (marketing collateral, call handling, customer support etc.)

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Stolen Vehicle Tracking experience

We are experts in the provision of Stolen Vehicle Tracking services.

Teletrac Navman Automotive provides Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) services via our Trackstar offering which can be fully white-labelled to match OEM branding. Vehicle owners are able to benefit from compliance with regulatory bodies (such as Thatcham in the UK) meaning they are able to insure their vehicles and/or benefit from reduced premiums. Should the worst happen and a vehicle is stolen we are on hand 24/7/365 to respond to either manual (within 12 seconds) or automated (within 180 seconds) theft notifications.

We are trusted by law enforcement in all operational territories due to our consistently accurate and rapid provision of tracking data, recognition of theft patterns and predictive analysis. Our operators are very experienced and provide police with anticipated future movements of stolen vehicles and trusted thoroughly by Police forces for these predictions to be acted upon. We also deploy countermeasures to advanced theft methods, including GPS jamming technology.

Peace of mind is important to our customers, but our service doesn’t stop there. Customers are able to track vehicle locations and trips via our Trackstar App available on both Apple and Android devices. For our OEM partners this App can be re-badged and customized to provide for a range of services including payment, renewals, parking availability, service bookings etc.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking Recovery

Case Study – A Perfect Crime?

July 2016 – Vehicle stolen from an Essex home address via a cloned key, making theft detection very difficult to detect.

Thieves employed GSM jamming and removed the vehicle to a nearby staging point, loading it into a shipping container, thus preventing a GPS signal. As our units download data at the ignition cycle giving a last known location, our experienced operators noted the location, modus operandi, timing and vehicle type to draw a hypothesis as to likely next movement – that being exit from UK via Tilbury Docks. All information was passed to port police who were able to identify a specific container – now on its way to Tanzania! Due to the strength of evidence we presented and the trust invested in our operators – the police ordered the container to be offloaded at Tangiers and returned to the UK. Upon return the container was opened as shown right…

Just to let you know the container is back in {the UK} …as you can see from the picture the car was in it – always a relief! Nice Result! – email from Simon Whitaker, PC172, Port of Tilbury Police.


In case of a serious accident, the vehicle will automatically call the Secure Operations Centre (SOC) and deliver its GPS location and other key data (the Minimum Data Set or MSD). Voice communication with vehicle occupants and emergency services will be initiated. Manual eCall (via a button press) triggers the same process, on demand.

  • Always on – 24/7/365
  • Ability to meet stringent SLAs with excellent Management Information available
  • Multilingual call handlers with a minimum of 2 agents per call
  • Triage of calls reduces/eliminates false calls reaching PSAPs
  • Compatible with EN standards and EU regulations

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eCall Experience

We are an active member of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA). We are committed to providing OEMs with cost effective solutions to eCall in all territories

Teletrac Navman Automotive offers a fast response to eCall via either Automated (e.g. in event of collision, airbag deployment, vehicle roll-over etc.) or Manual (button press by a vehicle occupant) activation. Our operators are able to communicate with vehicle occupants in their local language to establish if the event is a real emergency situation or a false alert (e.g. children pressing button, testing system, accidental press etc.).

Once the type of event is identified we contact the relevant emergency services and ensure communication with vehicle occupants is maintained wherever possible until First Responders arrive at the scene.

eCall is mandated by law across all EU states and Russia (with other countries such as Brazil seeking to establish similar legislation). We ensure our OEM partners comply with best practice and regulation wherever required. In all markets, the peace of mind and security provided via our eCall services may help improve further your brand trust and loyalty amongst vehicle owners and their passengers.


  • 10+ Years experience in provision of bCall
  • Vehicle occupant – OEM RSA (Road Side Assistance) is standard
  • 3rd party RSA partners, if required
  • Can also provide bCall as an aftermarket service to provide consistency across your connected solution
  • Strategic partners and our global Service Provider network ensures rapid deployment to new territories

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bCall Experience

We have 10+ years’ experience in the provision of bCall. As standard, we handle calls between vehicle occupants and the Road Side Assistance (RSA) services of the OEM – or, if required, we can handle 3rd party RSA partners to suit.

Teletrac Navman Automotive offers a fast response to bCall. Our operators are able to communicate with vehicle occupants in their local language to establish if the event is a real breakdown situation or a false alert (e.g. children press button, testing system, accidental press etc.).

Once the breakdown is confirmed, we contact the relevant Road Side Assistance (RSA) service and ensure a recovery is commenced. In our standard offering RSA is provided by the OEMs, however we can also leverage our strategic partnerships to provide all services in all required territories.

bCall gives reassurance to drivers, making the service more attractive to risk-aware customers. Our fast and high-quality response will deliver additional value to your brand.

Smartnav ConciergeConcierge Services

Customers can speak to a Personal Assistant who can provide a wide range of information and services – all hands-free for enhanced driver safety, including recommendations and bookings for hotels, restaurants, entertainment, transport services and parking locations.

  • 18 years experience in provision of Conciergerie where convenience, safety and peace of mind are paramount
  • Unparalleled routing and off-board navigation capability – with advanced traffic data via Trafficmaster
  • Peace of mind for drivers, high convenience and true route optimisation
  • Supplied to automotive OEMs and aftermarket

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Global Conciergerie Experience

Customers can speak to a Personal Assistant capable of providing a wide range of information and services – all hands-free for enhanced driver safety. Convenience, safety and peace of mind are paramount.

Teletrac Navman Automotive provides the opportunity for your customers to speak directly with a highly trained and experienced Personal Assistant 24/7/365. These PAs offer a wide range of services, including recommendations and bookings for hotels, restaurants, entertainment, transport services and parking locations. We can provide “find-my-nearest-anything”, service bookings with OEM retailers and even outbound calling to customers, if required. Furthermore, our operators have access to real time traffic data from our Trafficmaster data across Europe – including proprietary sensors on the road network, vehicle probe data, CCTV and other sources. Using this, PAs can advise how to avoid traffic and also deliver optimised routes – either to OEM head units or standalone navigation screens – again aligning aftermarket and connected customer experiences.

Teletrac Navman Automotive pioneered concierge services for motorists. Over 18 years ago, we developed the first Smartnav product which delivered off-board navigation with real time traffic data at the touch of a button. Over time, more services were added including Personal Assistant services along with eCall and bCall. Over the years, we have supplied directly to consumers, to small, medium and large organizations in both private and public sectors and, of course, to OEM vehicle manufacturers. We currently support over 70,000 vehicles with concierge services.


Over 30% of all new cars sold in the UK are equipped to receive our traffic data via our RDS TMC radio network. This data is obtained from our own proprietary network of ANPR and IR sensors across the road network. In addition, our 24/7/365 operators have access to 1800 CCTV cameras and 8500 under-road induction loops.

  • We deliver both real time and historical data to OEMs, Government bodies and private sector customers
  • Expert Travel team add journalistic data to bring colour – including police control rooms, traffic consortia, urban traffic control centres, etc.
  • We operate 1 of only 2 licences to broadcast RDS TMC traffic data over the FM radio network
  • Partnership brings pan-European traffic coverage

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High Quality Traffic Information Experience

Over 30% of all new cars sold in the UK are equipped to receive our traffic data.

Trafficmaster (a Teletrac Navman brand) is a name synonymous with high quality traffic information and has been for 30 years. Our traffic data is used by many major OEM brands to ensure their customers have reduced journey times, improved fuel economy, reduced driving risk and a more pleasant driving experience. We supply historical traffic data for modelling purposes, supplying the UK Department for Transport, Transport for London and many other public and private sector clients. Our traffic offering is pan-European with broadcast options via cellular, digital or analogue, ensuring cost effective and enduring services.

Teletrac Navman combines a range of data sources to produce a high definition traffic model via our fusion engine. Traffic data sources we use include vehicle probe data from fitted telematics devices, 8,500 under-road inductance loops, over 1,800 CCTV cameras, Congestion Zone charging cameras, Police control rooms plus our proprietary network of ANPR cameras and IR sensors across the road network. Our travel operators monitor sources 24/7/365 to create a unique real time traffic model for delivery to OEM head units, satnav manufacturers and online traffic portals (e.g. Google traffic). Teletrac Navman holds one of only 2 licenses in the UK for broadcast of RDS-TMS via the FM network.

Teletrac Navman – under its Trafficmaster brand – has been collecting, analyzing and delivering real time traffic data for 30 years. We currently provide data to a prestigious list of vehicle OEMs including VW, Audi, Skoda, Mazda, Chrysler, Honda, Seat, McLaren, Bentley, Citroen, Peugeot, Jeep and Vauxhall. Over 30% of all new cars sold in the UK are enabled to receive our traffic broadcast data. Our partnership with Mediamobile ensures we can provide traffic information across Europe. Our data and experience is sought not only by OEMs but also by central and local Government when considering road network and infrastructure changes and we exclusively provide traffic data for the Department for Transport.

Our reach is global.
Our range of services available with or without hardware is unique.
Our extensive experience in helping OEMs to provide a consistent customer offering across both Connected Car and Aftermarket enables the building of brand loyalty.

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